Brava Sans (the naked & extended version of Brava Slab) is a family of 8 weights, 2 widths and true italics. Designed for editorial purpose, it has a monolinear appearance with a humanist construction, open counters and a tall “x height” that give it a right personality for use in branding. Also Brava Sans has a lot of helpful features as a wide range cover of Latin languages, a lot of OpenType features, a new condensed width and two bolder and cooler weights that make Brava Sans a useful tool for the graphic designer. A full range of numerals (included old style figures, lining, numerators, denominators, superiors, subs, circled and black circled), small caps, forty ligatures (between standard & discretionary ligatures), a lowercase superior and inferior set and a stylistic set are some of the features that makes Brava Sans a solid choice.

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